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Available in 60 gram or 120 gram pouches. 

Our Shiitake extract is 100% pure mushroom with no added fillers, grains, mycelium or starch. Our extract is a fine powder that makes it great for mixing in coffee or other beverages. It is processed by hot water extraction, which is a superior method to simply drying and powdering like many companies use when processing this amazing mushroom. Shiitake mushrooms taste great and are the second most popular mushroom in the world in terms of consumption 

Cultivation of this mushroom began in central China in about the 12th century. Early growers figured out to collect spores and insert them in fallen trees and logs to produce more than could be easily collected in the wild. 

Japanese scientist and mushroom researcher Goro Chihara and others did extensive research on the Shiitake mushroom in the 1970's. Through this research it was discovered that they had polysaccharides. Through this process the discovered an active fraction and named it lentinan, which is a pure beta-1-3-glucan. Lentinan compounds have been used to develop a drug that has been used in oncology practices. Shiitake mushrooms also have something called eritadinine, a compound that has been to reduce cholesterol in some studies. 

Our China grown shiitake mushroom extract is made of 100% fruiting bodies and superior to the US lab grown Shiitake which is mycelium that has been grown on grain, which has high levels of starch and low levels of beta-glucan. 

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