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Lion’s Mane Mushroom History

Also known as hou tou gu or yamabushitake, the Lion’s Mane mushroom is a choice edible with a white, furry appearance that primarily grows on deciduous trees in the wild. Research shows that Lion’s Mane contains bioactive substances that can benefit brain, gut and nerve health. Today, the this mushroom is commonly cultivated on sawdust substrates.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom Uses

While it has been used for healing purposes in traditional eastern medicine, the Lion’s Mane mushroom also has a place in the Asian culinary world. These mushrooms are often enjoyed cooked, raw and are said to have a seafood like texture comparable to crab or lobster. Additionally, lion’s mane is commonly ground up and turned into tea. It is commonly used in coffee and smoothies. 

This particular mushroom is traditionally known to improve immunity and it has also been used to aid those with gastritis. Other research suggests that Lion’s Mane may promote nerve growth. You can often find the Lion’s Mane extract in over the counter health supplements.


Typically, US lab-grown Lion’s Mane is mycelium grown on grain, which is shown to have low levels of beta-glucan and very high levels of starch. Our Lion’s Mane extract only uses 100% organic fruiting bodies which are rigorously tested and guaranteed for active compounds



  • Processed by hot water extraction into a fine powder suitable for encapsulation or beverages.
  • No added fillers, starch, grains or mycelium
  • Active Compounds: Beta (1>3),(1>6)-glucans, Cyathanes
  • Certified Organic; Kosher; Vegan; Gluten-free; Non-GMO
  • >25% Beta-glucans, <3% Starch
  • Bulk mushroom extract powder, 60g or 120g, 30-60 or 60-120 servings

How Our Mushrooms Are Grown And Harvested

Supplement Facts

  • Serving Size: 1/2 teaspoon or 1 gram
  • Servings per Pouch: 60 or 120 depending on selected pouch size
Amount Per Serving
Lion's Mane Mushroom Extract*± (Hericium erinaceus) 1000mg
Beta-D-glucans >25%
Starch <5%
* = certified organic
± = hot water extract
Percent of daily value not established



Adults take 1/2 teaspoon per day.


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