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Includes 12 or 27 or 54 Single Serve Pods Made with Recyclable Plastic. 

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Superior Quality Mushroom Extract

Our Chaga mushroom extract is sourced from the industry leader in superior quality mushroom extracts, Nammex. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, their products have stood the test of time and are made with no fillers, starches or other additives. Unlike most competing brands, our mushroom extracts are 100% pure organic mushroom extract. 

Superior Quality Roasted Organic, Fair Trade Coffee

The premium quality coffee in this product is roasted by an artisan roaster with over 40 years of experience in the coffee industry. With this experience the superior quality of this coffee speaks for itself and has truly stood the test of time. The demand for this coffee is evidenced by the 100,000 pounds per month that have to be roasted to keep up with customer demand. 

Single Serve Pods for Kcup® Brewers 

If coffee is an important part of your morning ritual, try waking up to our Breakfast Blend. Typically, breakfast blends are famous for their mild, smooth, balanced flavors and this coffee is no exception. Our Breakfast Blend is well balanced, medium bodied and has just the right amount of acidity to get you up and moving in the morning. 

Premium blend of coffee roasted in micro-lots for superior flavor.

Each pod has 8.5 grams of ground coffee and 500mg of mushroom extract.

Chaga mushrooms are processed by hot water/alcohol extraction into a fine powder suitable for encapsulation or beverages.

Mushroom extract is 100% PURE No added fillers, starch or grains. 

Chaga History
Wild Chaga grows naturally in the vast forests of Russia, northern China and northern climatic zones in general where birch make up the primary tree species. *Even though Chaga is commonly referred to as a mushroom, it is actually a sterile conk, a hardened mass of wood and mycelium with an amorphous shape and dark pigmented outer layer. It has been estimated that the chaga conk is approximately 10% mycelium. A tree pathogen known as a canker, Chaga slowly causes birch trees to decay and die. For hundreds of years Chaga has been wildcrafted and utilized by the people of northern Europe and Russia.

Chaga Uses
Birch trees contain precursor compounds such as the triterpenoid betulin. Chaga draws betulin and other precursors directly from the birch tree and turns them into inotodiol, trametenolic acid and betulinic acid. Chaga needs the tree-bound precursors to synthesize the triterpenoids for which it is famous. Chaga is traditionally used for stomach illnesses and immunity issues.

Mushrooms are grown or wildcrafted deep in the mountains of China by Certified Organic production partners.

Mushroom Growing and Harvesting Process

Video from our mushroom supplier:

Certified Organic; Kosher; Vegan; Gluten-free; Non-GMO

Active Compounds: Beta (1>3),(1>6)-glucans; triterpenoids

Chaga Mushroom Research 
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