Chaga Mushrooms

What Is Chaga Mushroom Coffee?

Chaga coffee is simply a blend of Chaga Mushrooms and coffee. Chaga mushrooms are a superfood that have a lot of health benefits and have been used in traditional medicine for hundreds of years. Chaga mushroom coffee simply combines the benefits of this outstanding superfood with your coffee. It’s a great way to get superfood benefits with your daily cup(s). If you get the right blend of coffee mixed with superior quality mushrooms, you can have the benefits along with great flavor.

Chaga mushrooms are a unique form of mushrooms that grow on birch trees. It doesn’t like a more commonly known traditional mushroom – in fact it looks more like a clump of dirt than a traditional mushroom. Birch trees sometimes have other similar growths, but you can tell something is a Chaga mushroom by the orange tissue inside the mushroom.

Benefits of Chaga Mushrooms

High Nutrient Density

Chaga mushrooms are packed with a lot of great, naturally occurring nutrients, including calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, fiber, zinc, selenium, B-complex vitamins, Vitamin D, potassium, rubidium, cesium, amino acids and even copper.

Antioxidants the Could Slow Aging

Oxidative stress has a big impact on aging, leading to things like gray hair, sagging skin, wrinkles, etc. A theory is that if you consume antioxidants you can reduce the level of oxidative stress on the body which could slow the aging process. While there hasn’t been any in depth scientific study on Chaga mushrooms anti-aging properties, they do have antioxidants that could provide benefits.

Bad Cholesterol

Among the many antioxidants that mushrooms have are ones that may reduce bad cholesterol, or low density lipoprotein (LDL). Because bad cholesterol has been linked to heart disease, it has been suggested that Chaga mushrooms may have properties that could have a positive impact on heart disease.

Cancer Prevention

There have been a variety of studies that have shown that Chaga mushrooms may slow cancer growth or have some cancer prevention properties. All studies conducted so far have been on animals, however, and there has not been an extensive study on humans that we are aware of. Since Chaga mushrooms have antioxidants, they may reduce oxidative stress which has been linked to a variety of health problems including cancer. A 2009 study found that triterpenes, which are found in mushrooms, can cause cancer cells to destroy themselves while appearing to not harm healthy cells. Another recent study found that Chaga mushrooms could slow the growth of some cancer cells. They studied this in petri dishes as well as with mice.

Immune System and Inflammation

There is some research that has shown that Chaga mushrooms may help regulate the production of cytokines. Cytokines are chemical messengers in our immune systems and help our bodies fight infections and inflammation.

Lower Blood Sugar

While we are not aware of any studies done on humans at this time, there was a  study in 2006 that showed that properties in Chaga mushrooms may lower blood sugar in rats.

Important Note

We are not suggesting that Chaga mushrooms should be used as a substitute to professional medical care and if you have any concerns about their effect on health, you should always consult with your doctor or other medical professional.

Where Can Chaga Mushroom Coffee and Chaga Mushroom Extracts be Purchased?

You can purchase Huron River Coffee Company branded products through, Amazon or through the Huron River Coffee Company website. The mushroom extracts used in these products are sourced from one of the most reputable mushroom companies in the world, Nammex, which has been in the business since 1989.