Lion's Mane Mushrooms Cancer Fighting Possibilities

Joe Kolb

Lion’s mane mushroom extract is packed full of antioxidants. Among various other benefits, these properties also help to prevent against cancer. While there is still a lot of research that needs to be done, preliminary studies seem promising.

In some studies where lion’s mane extract has been infused with human cancer cells, it has been reported that the cancer cells die off at a faster rate. Additionally, lion’s mane was shown to slow down the spread of lung cancer in mice by 69% in another study. So far, it has been found that lion’s mane has positive results fighting against liver, colon and gastric cancers in animal studies. Furthermore, it is reported that this extract may be therapeutic for those with leukemia.

We do not make any claims that it can cure any disease and do not recommend using it instead of doctor recommended treatments. Our statements are for educational purposes. 

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